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Technology Driven but Customer Focused

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We are a customer-focused real estate team in Houston, Texas, brokered by eXp Realty. We are also technology-driven because we use cutting-edge technology to assist buyers and sellers with homes and commercial property transactions.  read more >

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Houston Office Market is Rebounding

Like most major cities, Houston has had its fair share of market cycles. However, this most recent decline in the local economy’s growth rate that was caused by a steep drop of oil prices put

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A house for a penny?

A Whopper for a penny?Brilliant, but competition in the burger arena may be a prediction for real estate.  I'm not suggesting that you can buy a house for a penny, but I have seen homes listed

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Tired of spam calls?

It seems like every day I get a least a dozen(s) of spam calls.  What a waste of time.Be sure to register your phone numbers at the National Do Not Call Registry. https://donotcall/

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Airbnb and Other Income Streams

Hi, thank you for attending our Airbnb event.  Here is the info for the Airbnb slide deck:Slide DeckHere is the info on the broker that offers ownership and passive income streams to Realtors

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