Houston better than NYC for expats

Dated: 11/21/2018

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Only three US cities featured in the latest comprehensive ranking of the 72 best cities to live in the world as an expat.

According to the recent Expat Insider report, conducted by networking group InterNations, Houston ranked 31st, while Miami came in at 42nd and New York, 46th.

InterNations surveyed more than 18,000 of their 3.3 million expat members, covering 178 nationalities and 187 countries or territories.

The survey is one of the most comprehensive of its kind in understanding where expats most like to live. Respondents rate 25 different aspects of urban life  — everything from income and housing to feeling settled.

Since the survey required a sample size of at least 45 participants per city, this led to a final ranking of 72 cities across 47 different countries in 2018. Taipei, in Taiwan, ranked number one in this year’s global list.

While expats in all three US cities are unsatisfied with their quality of life, Houston beat the other two cities due to higher approval rates in specific categories like finance and housing (8th) and cost of living (4th).

Nearly 90% of expats surveyed in the Texan city, which has a population of over 2 million, said that it was easy to find housing in Houston and 67% said it was affordable. Some 76% of expats also stated they were satisfied with the local cost of living.

Job availability proved another key reason for Houston trumping New York City on the scoreboard. In a sub-index ranking local career opportunities, the Texan metropolis ranked second — beaten only by Prague, Czech Republic.

Houston has a very active economy,” said a Lebanese expat in the report. “It is a city with a high concentration of brain power and quantitative intelligence.”

Source: Yahoo news and KTRK

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