Houston's 10,000 restaurants

Dated: 03/11/2019

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Did you know that Houston represents more than 70 countries and American regions in its restaurants? The city has 10,000 restaurants showing off the diversity of palates and cuisines among its 6 million residents. In fact, Houston was named the ‘newest capital of great food’ by Food & Wine.

Houston also has a thriving food truck scene, as any youthful city worth its salt does. From cupcakes to chicken, crepes to pocket pies, hungry patrons can find award-winning food served street side. Find these culinary corners camped out on the edge of local farmers markets, parked on random streets at lunchtime, or strategically squeezed between nightclubs at 2 a.m. Visitors from far and wide travel to Houston expecting to chow down on wings and waffles at The Breakfast Klub, Viet-cajun crawfish at Crawfish & Noodles, the famous banh mi at Les Givral’s and many others. 

Cuisine runs the spectrum in Houston from dives to divine dining. Houston has a long list of restaurants that are consistently on ‘best of’ lists. Of course, Houston has famous barbeque. Houston is home to some of the country’s best, specifically known for its brisket, sausage, and ribs. 

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