Houston Home & Rental Prices Are Changing Again

Dated: 04/01/2019

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Houston home prices are rising — fast — but local rents are a different story, as a new report lists the Bayou City among the top three U.S. cities with the most dramatic rent decreases.

Growth has leveled off significantly since, due to the oil recession and Houston's own disaster, Hurricane Harvey," leading to an increase in available housing and decline in rental rates.

Houston isn't the only Texas city to see a dramatic price drop. Fort Worth lands at No. 8 on the list, with rents falling 5.6 percent to an average of $1,376 last year.

The story is different in other Texas cities that, by comparison, have seen major rent hikes.

Plano ranks No. 1 on the list of biggest rent increases in the U.S. with prices skyrocketing 25.3 percent to an average of $1,824. 

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