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Dated: October 20 2020

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Now could be a great time to take advantage of our Virtual Home Buying Program! For several years we have helped buyers purchase homes without ever leaving the comfort and safety of your home.  Here's how:

1.     Virtual Consult
We will schedule a virtual appointment to learn what you looking for and to make a game plan to get the home you want. We can use Zoom to have our meeting so you never have to go anywhere to meet.

2.     Home Favorites
We will email you listings that match your criteria the moment they hit the market.

3.     Virtual Tour
You can take virtual tours of your home choices.  Should you wish to see the home in-person – we will arrive early, turn on the lights and disinfect door knobs, etc. so you can see it and never have to touch surfaces.

4.     Electronically Sign
You will sign all documents digitally from your computer or phone.

5.     Earnest Money Delivery
We will arrange for a ETF delivery of funds or we can have a rep pick up a check.

6.     Inspection
You do not need to attend the inspection.  A licensed inspector will email you a 40+ page report will detailed photos and descriptions so you will know your property well.

7.     Closing
A mobile notary will bring the closing to you.

8.     Welcome Home
We will deliver the keys to your new home.

The Virtual Home Buying Program can make the process safer and easier for you.

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