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Dated: 05/06/2019

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Harvey flood

Thinking of buying a flooded home? Three-quarters of the 204,000 homes and apartments in Harris County damaged by Hurricane Harvey were outside the 100-year flood plain, so many homeowners were unaware of the risks.

  • Was the home flooded more than once?
  • Was the home only flooded in Harvey?
  • Was the reservoir release responsible for flooding?

At one time the Houston MLS (HAR.com) enabled a category for flooding.  The data was voluntary and was removed later after complaints.  So what do you do?

Get the disclosure statement.  I recommend the 4-page disclosure.  It is a crime for a seller to omit or line on a disclosure. So ask your realtor for a disclosure!

Flood insurance is reasonable if you are not in the 100-year flood zone or floodway.  Consider flood insurance.  There is now private flood insurance that is many times less than the FEMA program.

The bottom line, do your diligence.

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