Short-term Rentals

Short Term Rentals / Airbnb

We hope the Airbnb class been fun and educational.  You are welcome to contact us with any questions. The class is held every month on the first Wednesday of the month in the eXp University Productivity Center at 11:00 AM CT..

Dwight Shotgun Cook and Karen Mixon Cook            


  • Syncbnb - allows booking for multiple locations/channels and they promise NO double bookings! Please use our referral code so we get credit:



  • Concierge Service - Save your clients (and you!) money on on High-Speed Internet, Wireless, Energy, Security, and TV entertainment packages while creating passive income for you.
    If you are a short term rental host or a Realtor this is a profitable addition.  Contact if you have questions.  To save money on your bills, it's easy ... just go to this page and compare what you pay now to our current prices. Click Here 


  • This PDF document provides information on the state of short-term rentals during Covid-19.

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